Meet Amy Roseveare

I have been a full-time wardrobe stylist and personal shopper in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. It’s my absolute passion to find just the right clothing, jewelry, and accessories for my clients. As my clientele has grown, I now find myself shopping everywhere from New York to Austin to Los Angeles and beyond. Twice I’ve been voted one of the best personal shoppers in the Bay Area by San Francisco Magazine. I have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and quoted in publications such as In Style Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

About The Curated Shopper

I created this website as a solution to one of my own dilemmas. As a frequent worldwide traveler I spend countless hours, and even days, researching the best places to shop before each trip. I find it frustrating that even though there are numerous lists, articles, and guidebooks about shopping in various cities, they aren’t curated for those who are passionate about shopping and finding unique merchandise, nor are they consolidated in one place. I spend so much time scrolling through each site just to find a possible gem I’d actually want to visit. In addition, how do I know I can trust the source?  Is the information sponsored? Is the author a shopping expert? Help! Then when I’m in a city, list in hand, I waste so much time wandering around looking for the chicest stores, finding that many of the “recommended” stores just aren’t up to par. I want to know the handful of the best stores in each city, so I can then spend the rest of my time enjoying cultural sites, museums, friends, restaurants, and the much-needed spa day.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and do the work for you. This way, you can access my handpicked, personally vetted little black book of stores that are worth a visit. A store cannot pay to be on my site, and you’ll find no advertising; this is my pure, objective opinion based on decades of shopping expertise.

What exactly am I looking for in a store? Many things – unique items, outstanding customer service, and a real point of view. While it’s easy to find the well-known designer shops or department stores in most cities, often you may not know there’s a fabulous boutique just a block or two off the main street. I’m here to help you find those hidden treasures. I focus on mindful shopping — encouraging people to carefully select  high quality items from predominantly indpendent stores. And remember, this is in no way an exhaustive list of shops, but rather a very curated selection that is constantly evolving.

In addition, I have filled my little black book in the same manner in which I build a client’s wardrobe. The modern woman’s wardrobe is a mix of high/low. You may find a Gucci runway jacket next to a silk blouse from L’Agence, and Louboutin pumps next to Golden Goose sneakers. Your personal style shines through in how you mix different designers. Therefore, my list includes stores with a range of price points. The main focus is clothing and accessories stores, but you’ll also find some stellar home stores.

I travel a good percentage of the year, so new cities will be added throughout the year. In addition, I will regularly be adding journal articles to support you on your travels and shopping experiences. I sincerely hope this site enriches both your travels and your life!


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The BEST Curated Shopping Site! Amy’s passion for travel and all things fashionable and beautiful along with her superb organizational skills has developed the best “Little Black Book” of go to shopping worldwide!

Every source has been personally vetted over her 20 plus years of travels and connections. The amazing personal networks which she generously shares are priceless! She is my GO-TO when I am looking for that special something!

-Karen A. Sutherland, Sutherland Design Group , Santa Barbara, CA
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Amy’s love for travel, luxury style & lifestyle brings her unique vision to The Curated Shopper. Chic, modern, exclusive & accessible rolled into a global source for a one-of-a-kind shopping & travel experience.

-Colleen, San Francisco, CA
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Never have I known someone so enamored with style, beauty, and the pursuit of unique items. I have traveled with Amy for years and I’ve seen how she can enter a store and know within moments if it’s worthy of further exploration. I feel the combination of her taste level, her love of travel, and her extraordinary attention to detail makes her the ideal person to create The Curated Shopper. Now, individuals across the globe can gain the benefit of her expertise and unwavering eye for quality and uniqueness.

-Gloria, Los Gatos, CA
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Amy Roseveare has worked with me for over twenty years and has inspired me so much in developing my personal style, which extends to what I want around me at my work and at home. She has also helped me find unexpected and thoughtful gifts, which are cherished by my family and friends. With her knowledge of fashion and décor, she’s on top of the trends and often ahead of them. She’s also able to hunt down the most unique pieces—many in unlikely places. She’s a jewelry expert and I trust her judgment: she knows quality and knows what to pay for it. She’s a savvy traveler with tons of energy, and I’m very excited to be a member of The Curated Shopper. I’ve discovered so many treasures using her little black book in Austin, Apsen, Paris, and beyond.

-Anne K., Austin, TX
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I have worked with Amy for 20+ years. She has an amazing ability to find the perfect clothes for my style and her color sensibility is incredible. One time I had to buy a gown for a formal occasion with very little time. She pre-shopped for me and I walked into the dressing room, tried on one gown, which fit like a glove and was exquisite, and was done in 15 minutes. She has extensive experience with clothing, accessories, jewelry, and other significant investment pieces. More than her experience, Amy is fun to work with and makes each shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

-Belinda, Woodside, CA
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Shopping with Amy is the best! Over the years she has introduced me to stores which have since become my favorites. She has an incredible eye for quality and is always able to spot something different or interesting. She is discerning in her recommendations, only frequenting establishments with superior products and service. I’m so excited to be a member of TCS and utilize her tips all over the world!

-Jennifer Bressie, Hillsborough, CA
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Knowing Amy Roseveare as a respected colleague for many years, I can attest to several key factors that make her the ideal resource and soul behind The Curated Shopper.

Foremost, Amy’s advanced experience in searching for the finest selections of jewelry, clothing, and accessories for her clients, as well as for herself, has prepared her to be the ideal tour guide for anyone’s search for sublime style.

Next, Amy’s interest in style is matched by her love of travel. Subscribing to The Curated Shopper is like having your favorite style guru and travel guide right there with you.

Lastly, Amy knows that fashion is what you buy, and style is how you wear it. The kinds of places that The Curated Shopper features don’t just stock the latest and greatest fashions. What pictures can’t convey is that these are the places to go to have a stylish experience so that when you return from your travels, your own fashion discoveries advance your personal style.

-Joseph Rosenfeld, Fashion & Personal Style Strategist, NYC
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Amy is amazing at helping me organize my closet and shop to fill in the holes with unique, fun, and interesting pieces. She puts together outfits that suit my style, personality, and also pushes me in new directions I would never consider on my own. She is organized, fun, and great to work with. I love her philosophy on shopping and picking pieces that will be worn and fit into my lifestyle. I always have her in my head when I try to shop by myself. “Do I love the way it makes me look and feel? Would I wear it for activities in my routine or for a special occasion?” She is also great at planning wardrobe for trips. I am just finishing up a trip she helped me pack for and I wore every item in my suitcase and didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

-Heidi, Palo Alto, CA
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I have worked with Amy for many years and have treasured her guidance in developing a closet of items that tell my various stories – items I love to put on and those that give me the confidence to be me. Some of the pieces of clothing and jewelry I would have never chosen for myself, but they have become key pieces that have stretched my style. When I come to San Francisco or travel to other cities, Amy guides me to a diverse array of shopping from iconic large stores to boutiques that showcase cutting edge designers and local talent.

-Marty, North Carolina
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I was very excited when Amy launched TCS since I was headed to NYC at the end of the month. I arrived the day before my friends so I planned an entire day around visiting various TCS recommended shops on foot. Combining shopping and exercise was super fun! The East Village was my home base, so I headed to SoHo first. After visiting a chic clothing boutique, my next stop was a fabulous home store she featured. I was astounded by the amazing ceramics, furniture and home items. I was super tempted to stay there for lunch since it looked very inviting, but I really wanted to the crab toast appetizer Amy had mentioned they serve at ABC Carpet & Home in Midtown. Wow! The appetizer was as good as advertised – I also enjoyed an arugula/shaved brussels sprout salad with a glass of prosecco. I spent several hours after lunch shopping the extensive jewelry section. My next stop was a store that recently relocated to Chelsea, and I enjoyed browsing their antiques and jewelry. My last stop was a gem in the Meatpacking District – they had a jewelry collection that pulled me in for hours. I fell in love with a Disa Allsopp green amethyst ring in a hammered gold setting and yes, I brought it home with me!

-Monika, Foster City, CA
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My husband and I are people of a certain age. Amy’s unerring eye and passion for fashion transformed our stodgy, uninspired wardrobes to fun clothes with an artistic, cool vibe that expresses who we really are. Amy has taken us to many great stores both in my area and further afield. On my own, I would have walked by unaware of the truly gorgeous clothes and accessories inside. Amy’s also introduced me to exclusive contacts in “her little black book”, whenever I needed help to satisfy a particular whim or to find something special. In all cases, Amy’s sterling reputation assured me the highest level of attentive service. It’s joy to put these special finds in to our beautifully organized closets filled with well-coordinated clothes suitable to our lifestyle. I especially like knowing I’m ready for anything when I have Amy’s help with stress-free packing. If all this sounds too good to be true, well it’s not. I’m so very happy I called Amy over a decade ago, and we’re looking forward to many more years of great style!

-C. Glenn and M. Glenn, Austin, TX
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The Curated Shopper was my lifesaver in Milan after my luggage didn’t show up for a week of fashionable events. My first stop was Gio Moretti, described on this site as a multi-brand boutique/ department store, where I found everything I needed in record time. Thank you, Curated Shopper!

-A Devoted Subscriber, San Francisco, CA