December 13, 2021

Shopping Day in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

When most people think about a typical day shopping in Brooklyn, they likely think about Williamsburg. Granted, that’s a darling area with a couple of my favorite shops (Scosha and Mociun), but I decided I wanted to see something a little more off-the-beaten-path. For this outing, I decided to explore Boerum Hill, along with my local Brooklyn friends, Joseph and Phil.

We started out by brunching at their favorite Sunday spot, Chez Moi, on Atlantic Avenue. We had the perfect outdoor table on a cool, sunny fall day. Seriously, what could be better?  Since I’m a bad influence, I encouraged us all to order a cocktail. It was a late Sunday brunch after all!  I thoroughly enjoyed the house “Chez Moi” while my friends selected the “Juliette” and a “Bloody Marie”. (Clever take on the American name.)  My drink perfectly complemented my savory Quiche Lorraine. It was an immensely satisfying meal.

After a leisurely brunch, we headed downhill on Atlantic Avenue about a half a mile. The block of Atlantic between Hoyt and Bond provided a couple hours of very inspiring shopping.  The first store I visited was Page Sargisson, a fine jewelry store featuring recycled gold jewelry with ethically sourced stones.  Her style is imminently her own, as you can see the texture created from the wax carvings in each piece.  All the jewelry is designed and made in house, which you know I love. She also features a variety of other objects and apothecary items. I left with a couple hand-painted cards, and I know exactly to whom I’ll be sending them to.


A bit further down the street I explored the three enchanting storefronts of Collier West.  The first is a rotating space, currently filled with an incredible art selection.  The owner, Mary Jo Pile, told me that it will soon transform into a winter wonderland theme. The next space was the Ruggery, with rugs, pillows, and other textiles that would be sure to add a unique vibe to any space. The third store was the land of amazing home goods and jewelry, topped by a ceiling full of the most amazing chandeliers I’ve ever seen in one place. They are a mixture of new and vintage/antique.  Mesmerizing. Want. Covet.

I next headed across the street to Michele Varian. I was a fan of this boutique when it was in SoHo (founded in 2001). It has found a spacious, well-lit new space in Brooklyn in 2020. (This block truly is home to an amazing assortment of women-owned, independent businesses!) After I perused the cases of delicate fine jewelry, I headed straight toward an exceptional chandelier in the back of the store, designed by Michele and built in her basement workshop by her partner. It’s the perfect combination of art meets mobile meets lighting meets jewelry. I have sincere hopes that it will one day hang in the home of Joseph and Phil. It would be beyond perfect above their 11-foot dining table.  In the interim, I was wowed by this incredible rainbow cutlery set. I mean truly…the unicorn in the land of silverware.

This block truly is home to an amazing assortment of women-owned, independent businesses!

Our final stop for the day was that of Parisian designer Anne Willi. She has been a designer in France for over 20 years, and her charming Brooklyn shop opened in 2015. Anne’s collection is a combination of classic and feminine, and it’s extremely wearable. During my visit, the line focused on neutral solids with select prints which tied it all together perfectly.  She also has unique jewelry from European designers which perfectly complement her aesthetic. Though the space is compact, it’s resplendent with style.

I’m so glad that I spent the day in Boehrum Hill. I have a gut instinct that this area will continue to grow and foster more independent designers and stores. I look forward to my next visit! If you’d like to see my full list of featured stores in New York City, please follow this link to become a member.

I have a gut instinct that this area will continue to grow and foster more independent designers and stores.

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