February 4, 2024

Shopping Store Strandstrade in Copenhagen

Store Strandstræde is a charming street very near the world-famous Nyhavn. Although it’s so close to a very touristy area, this street feels worlds away, and it’s home to quite a few stores I truly enjoyed.

First up is Yvonne Koné. This leather goods line, launched in 2011, is Danish designed and made in Italy. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Yvonne on my visit. Her collection is very tight, and she produces some designs regularly, as they are so classic. She said her products are “attainable luxury,” which is an apt description.

I can attest to the quality of the leather, the stitching, and the array of colors. It was so wonderful to see bags in colors that you typically don’t see, such as a pale green and a scrumptious teal. She explained that many of the colors are inspired by her Ivory Coast heritage.

Although it’s so close to a very touristy area, this street feels worlds away, and it’s home to quite a few stores I truly enjoyed.

You’ve also got to check out the Mark Kenly Domino Tan boutique. This award-winning line was founded in 2014. And let me tell you – this is where cut and tailoring reign supreme! On my visit this fall, the clothing was all solids and in neutral tones. I spotted a woman in probably her 60s trying on a very stylish short, fitted puffer coat. It resembled more of a puffer blazer. Very chic!  I also saw a 20-something gal trying on some of the suiting. These pieces don’t have a date stamp on them. The quality and timeless designs will have you wearing them for years to come.

Next stop is Aiayu Store. As is the norm in Denmark, this is a very eco-conscious brand. They refer to their brand as “responsible luxury,” I have to say, every item I touched felt just delicious and comfy. They offer clothing, sleepwear, accessories, and amazing home goods.  I wanted to lay down and take a nap in their display bed.

My final recommendation is Skall. This Danish brand was founded by sisters, Julie and Marie.  They’ve had the line since 2014, but this retail store is a newer addition. I can’t reiterate enough how being sustainable and responsible is such a core ethic in the fashion industry here in Denmark.  They use materials such as recycled cashmere, organic cotton, and only natural fibers. They are extremely transparent in their supply chain.

But back to the fashion. The baby/toddler clothes really drew me in, but I then checked out the womenswear. I was so impressed with the wearable designs I saw. I’d say it’s sort of a mix between bohemian and classic, and all in a neutral color palette. I can see this brand easily being popular in the US, even though they aren’t sold there…yet…

I hope that you have the chance to visit this lovely street on your next visit to Copenhagen. You’re sure to discover items you won’t find in your own hometown.

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